A Really Important Blurb

I hold no hostility toward ABC but you have to admit, it's really unfair of them to let that happen. Every fan should watch their favorite show any time they wanted and enjoy the best of its best moments, whether or not they're defunct.

And I know Splitting Up Together has a steady fanbase. It doesn't surprise me. Sure, it's ridiculously corny and cheesy and not as legendary as other shows on ABC's current roster, but it can grow on you when you keep watching and find some way into your heart. Call me nonsensical but the last part is true. In fact, I love this show for its cute, charming, low-key humor and relatable moments. Even the cast has done a pretty stellar job, especially Jenna Fischer. She was very versatile, honest and just as engaging as anybody else on TV. It's not too hard to appreciate how fun a show like Splitting Up Together can be. Sure, some of the other characters took a while to get used to but it all worked out in the end.

Nevertheless, it's not too late. I am very sure of that, which is why I made a petition to bring back the series.

I really hope this doesn't make me sound desperate. I'm trying to do what I feel is right. 

So feel free to look at this petition by clicking on the link below. Thanks so much for your support.

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Little Earthquakes

This is my first foray into writing. Reviews are much appreciated. Enjoy!

For velyrhorde

Alexa loved her job. She stood at the door to monitor the visitors that come in and out. Her focus zeroed in on suspicious folk looking to cause mayhem and abuse, those who earned a generous helping of butt-kicking. That was the exciting part. One good look can tell you a lot about a person. When it comes to the worst case scenario, she'll grab them by the collar and throw 'em to the ground. The worst case scenario involved strange men with specific demands that her master must fulfill---those fitting a category of things that make Alexa throw up in her mouth. They usually never take no for an answer, even when it was final. When they shoved her and began attacking the door with their hands, their eyes wide and eager as Jack Nicholson's when he went insane in that horror flick, that was her cue. Take it as a warning when someone is famous for popping arms out of the sockets.

That attempted break-in from long ago is no exception. The hairs on the back erected as the man captured Alexa in a bear hug from behind. He had little idea of what was he dealing with. He should've known better than grab a girl who generated electricity the way eels do. Alerted Allie, too, who was fought much dirtier than Alexa. Just like that, the intruder limped out. Never to be seen again. All the master saw from the high window was two relaxed, smiling guardians looking back at her and giving the thumbs up.

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Brought to you by the mind from 8tracks, now distributed to Spotify!

Summary: Obviously a tribute to Jenna Fischer and her work. This tribute features a song dedicated to each film and TV show (plus one music video and a play) she has starred in. She is really good at what she does. I don't think there is any reason to believe otherwise. 

Also the title is a nod to a quote from The Office, made by her character Pam Beesly. Felt more fitting.

Blurb Number One


    When the new year---er, technically new decade---began, people say that a tidal wave of change follows. They're not wrong and I hate that. I hate that things will become different as time goes on and I won't be able to recognize or enjoy the life I'm used to. Back then was a lot easier to handle. There is no way I can leave behind the old days and embrace the future because that kind of emotional security will be gone. And I love being comfortable. Sometimes life can get very scary.

     Which is why I'm thrilled to find LiveJournal is still around. They've been active for, what, 13, 15 years? 

      My goal is to distribute fan mixes (or mixtapes) made from 8tracks under the pseudonym "Iheartfandom" after finding out they will shut down this year due to lack of funding. So, at the last minute, I signed up for Spotify and transferred most of my work into my new account. And how do I share my mixes here? Well I was inspired by LiveJournal's own past history of allowing users compose of their own playlist (with short previews of each song's lyrics to accompany them) and posting it, often with an online link. So, I want to start up that tradition again.

        No matter what others think, some things never change.

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